Catholic Fundraising Experts Offer Free Guidance to Nonprofits, Parishes Amid Closures and Funding Uncertainty

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Petrus Development Launches Free Virtual Summit Amid COVID-19 to Aid Ministries, Parishes

College Station, TX, March 25, 2020 – With Masses canceled in every U.S. diocese and most ministry work coming to a halt amid cancellations and quarantines, Catholic parishes and non-profits are anticipating significant financial downturns as many Americans face layoffs, downsizing, and reduced pay as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. To curb fears through expert guidance, Petrus Development has created a free Virtual Fundraising Summit offered weekdays from 1-2:00 pm CDT through April 3.

The Virtual Summit provides free daily sessions focused on urgent topics relevant to fundraising and financial sustainability for Catholic parishes and faith-based ministries during this global pandemic. Presentations and Q & A discussions from the Petrus Team and expert guest presenters provide real-time advice on what ministries and development offices should do now and what strategies will best position them in the future. Topics include Donor Communications, Ministry & Finance, Leadership in a Crisis, and more.

“Challenges brought about by this pandemic and its fallout on our economy, and to philanthropy, require more than just getting the job done,” said L. Michael Perkins, President and CEO of Heroic Media. “You have the opportunity to truly lead your organization through challenging times. The Petrus Virtual Summit paves the way for you to rise to that leadership role with confidence and results.”

“At Petrus, we are committed to serving our clients and the nonprofit community now more than ever,” states Andrew Robison, President of Petrus. “As a Church, we need our parishes and ministries to be solid resources during this time of uncertainty, and it’s imperative that we keep these organizations financially strong. While this may be a scary time, it does not and should not be a time of inaction. We want to continue to work together on behalf of our ministries and our benefactors to build the Kingdom of God.”

Founded in 2005, Petrus is one of the leading experts in Catholic non-profit fundraising. According to their experts, while giving dropped nationally during the 2008 Great Recession, it came back quickly in 2010/11 once donor confidence returned. In fact, many charities saw an increase in total dollars and average gift size even during the downtown. This means that fundraising does not have to take a nosedive during times of crisis. With the right guidance and strategies, organizations can maintain healthy donor relations and increase donor loyalty with major donors who understand the organization is facing hard times.

“Though some donations may fall, don’t be caught off guard with how to relate to donors not able to make their commitments,” said Robison. “Keep donor relations strong, and demonstrate how your non-profit is successfully living your mission during this pandemic. This is a time to build confidence in your mission and your organization. Donors will see this and respond.”

COVID-19 Fundraising Virtual Summit launched March 17 and will run through April 3. In addition to the live stream, all presentations are recorded and will remain available on the Petrus website. Robison encourages Virtual Summit participants and Catholic fundraisers to look for additional ways to learn and grow.

“If you are looking for additional ways to engage and build community, follow Petrus Development on Facebook and join the Petrus Development Virtual Summit Group on Facebook,” recommends Robison. “Don’t think you can wait this out. Be proactive to keep your organization financially healthy with strong donor relations and effective communication strategies.”


Petrus Development was founded in 2005 in College Station, TX to serve Catholic nonprofits and teach strategies for building sustainable fundraising programs. Petrus is driven by a simple ideal — ministries with more money can accomplish more. Together, we can do more.

To schedule an interview with Andrew Robison to discuss best practices for fundraising and financial sustainability for Catholic parishes and organizations, contact Carrie Kline.

For more information and a complete press kit, click here.


Carrie Kline

Carrie Kline

Carrie Kline is the Director of Outreach at Mission Advancement Partners.

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