24 Hours for the Lord, Quarantine Style, Doing it at Home

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24 Hours for the Lord (click here for the official PCPNE webpage) is a worldwide penitential celebration which, unfortunately, because of the Coronavirus COVID-19 situation, and the quarantine measures in place within many parts of the world, cannot be celebrated by many in the usual way—in public, before the Blessed Sacrament and with confession available. The ‘booklet’ attached below has been edited to accommodate to the present situation, in view of continuing the initiative, heeding the intentions of the Holy Father, and helping the faithful to find spiritual support at this time when many may not be able to access the Sacraments for some time, maybe even months.

Pope Francis in his latest General Audience, March 18, 2020, encouraged participation in the 24 Hours for the Lord. “Unfortunately,” he said, “in Rome, Italy, and in other nations this initiative cannot be held under its traditional format due to the coronavirus emergency,” and asked those unable to participate in the penitential celebration in the usual way, because of quarantine measures, to do so “through personal prayer.”[1]

In this respect, the initiative may be cancelled physically in many dioceses, but it is not cancelled spiritually. As long as there remain members of the Church who are willing, “the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Mt 16:18).

Following Pope Francis’ invitation, even if quarantine measures prevent your public celebration of the occasion, we invite and encourage you to spiritually participate in this initiative within your own homes, or should you so choose, by individually visiting a local church if allowed and/or practical.

One way you can do this is by selecting an hour, at whatever time is convenient to you, during the 24-hour period of the penitential celebration, between Friday evening 20th March to Saturday evening 21st March. Even if you cannot do this, you can still chose another time at a later period in the coming week. Like a spiritual Communion, this will constitute a spiritual Holy Hour.

Attached you will find a pdf ‘booklet,’ suitable for printing, or being e-friendly, you can download it to your phone or iPad, to assist you in participating in this global spiritual initiative. It can be used in any appropriate way, even apart from this initiative or simply for reading material.

The print-ready electronic document was written especially to help people make a private ‘Holy Hour’ at home, alone or with your near and dear ones, for this Penitential Celebration.

Attached you will also find a Rosary guide and a single page document explaining what a ‘Holy Hour’ at home involves and might look like.

God’s Providence guides all things.

All the very best,

Good health and God’s peace and joy be with you at this time,

May your Lenten preparation for Easter be fruitful.


Resources (English) for 24 Hours for the Lord, Quarantine Style


24Hrs for the Lord COVID-19 Ed Booklet_2020.pdf

Making a Holy Hour at Home.pdf

Rosary Guide.pdf


This post is reproduced, originally appearing on the columnist’s blog, ‘Ten-Stringed Lyre of the New Israel’.

Photo: PCPNE, image used on their website for 24 Hours for the Lord, 2020. (Link).

Br. John Joseph

Br. John Joseph

Br. John-Joseph (Martin) of the Immaculate Womb is a consecrated brother based in Australia. His main interests are in spirituality and theology. He holds a Masters of Theological Studies in Biblical and Early Christian Studies from ACU. He is sold-out on the importance of Eucharistic Adoration, and on how true devotion to Mary and St. Joseph is the ideal means of loving Christ. He blogs at http://tenstringedlyreofthenewisrael.blogspot.com.au/ and wouldn't mind your prayers!

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