Pray About the News

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Guest post by Fr. Scott Brossart, SOLT

Don’t read the news for curiosity’s sake. Rather, think of it as a means of an intercessory ministry.

I read the local, national, international, and Catholic news to look for those areas and persons needing special prayers and assistance.

For example, shortly before I was about to prepare for Mass, I came across a local news story from my own neighborhood in Kansas City which mentioned a local nurse seeing more and more cases of under-aged children found by themselves in motel and hotel rooms who do not speak English, and in serious need of medical attention due to physical and sexual abuse. Supposedly, Kansas City is a hot spot for human trafficking.

So, I offered this evening’s Mass and included in my own personal prayers all those children and women exploited by human trafficking, and all those engaging in it and those politicians who are a part of this problem. Look to the news for those situations and persons who need your prayers.


Photo: Hasan Albari, Pexels / PD-US
Guest Writer

Guest Writer

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