Tea with God

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On Holy Saturday, God invited me to have tea with Him out on the lawn of St. Gerard’s Monastery. Sitting there with a cup of hot tea in my hand, I felt the full force of the Wellington wind blowing ferociously all around me. Amidst the stillness and quietness of Holy Saturday, God was reminding me, through the wind, how actively and powerfully He is working ‘behind the scenes’ and ‘deep underground’. More than simply resurrecting Christ and sending Him to the depths of hell to save our first parents and other prisoners of death according to an ancient homily, God is also very much actively and powerfully at work in the tombs of our hearts even when we can’t see or feel anything. In fact, God reminds me that is the best time He can work, when we get out of the way, and be still, knowing that He is God.

This past year, God has been teaching me how to ‘get out of the way’, and do nothing, so that He can do everything that He’s been wanting to do deep within me. You can say that my Lent began a year ago. And finally, God now says to me, “Are you willing to drink the cup that I will for you to drink?” I looked at the cup of tea in my hands, and laughed at God’s dramatic sense of humor. But for awhile I knew He has been preparing me for something big, and I now feel more ready than ever to do His will, and give my life to His Church.

So I dramatically drank up my tea and replied, “It is finished.” And thus began my Easter, the day I have chosen not only to celebrate the life of the risen Lord, but also to celebrate the life of my true self whom He has now finally raised, and who is now ready to face the world, and carry out the will of my Father.

So Blessed Easter everyone! And may we allow Him to raise us out of the darkness of our fallen nature, and rise up to take on our original nature of holiness and justice, and fulfill our true and personal vocation for His glory!


Originally posted on Instagram.
Image: Fra Angelico, Entombment (1440) / PD-US

Nicholas Lye

Nicholas Lye

Nicholas Lye is a Singaporean currently on a year's sabbatical from the seminary, discerning his path in life and striving to facilitate encounters with God in the workplace and ordinary life.

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2 thoughts on “Tea with God”

  1. Avatar
    Mary Elizabth Williams

    Nicholas, I have promised God that every cup of tea I drink will be a prayer for you. and a blessing on your life in the Church. wherever it takes you.

    1. Nicholas Lye

      Thank you Mary. I am truly grateful and appreciative of your support and prayers. I pray that you too shall find joy, meaning and grace to live out your own purpose and vocation in life. God bless!

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