A Christian Response to Sri Lanka’s Easter Massacre

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Guest post by Brendan Malone.

How will Christians respond to the brutal terror attacks which maimed and killed our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka as they worshiped at Easter Sunday Mass?

We will pray for the victims and their loved ones. We will love our enemies. We will ask God to forgive those who know not what they do to us. We will pray for peace.

In our broken and imperfect way we will take up our cross to follow the footsteps of our nail-pierced Master. For us there is no ‘winning’ in the face of evil, there is only love. Not mere sentimentality, but authentic self-sacrificial love — the kind that is so difficult in the demands it makes of us that, without the grace of a God who is a Communion of perfect self-giving love, it would be impossible for any of us to live.

In the words of Sophie Scholl:

“We shall cling to the rope God has thrown us in Jesus Christ, even if our numb hands can no longer feel it.”

In doing so, we will light the fires of goodness, truth, and beauty which will guide the lost and weary home in a world of ever-encroaching darkness.


Brendan Malone is a married father of four from New Zealand. He runs his own organization called LifeNET, which focuses on leadership, values and ethical concern. As part of this work he regularly speaks to groups of men about the importance of living authentic masculinity. In the days after the devastating February 2011 earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand he and a friend started a successful citizens’ initiated earthquake relief effort that drew together thousands of volunteers and ended up suppling several hundred tons of food, water and other essential items to the hardest hit ares of the city via helicopters and road convoys. True to his Irish heritage, Brendan plays semi-regular Irish music gigs and boxes three nights a week for the fitness and challenge of it. Find Brendan on Twitter @LifeNETnz

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