Coffee Evangelization

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Guest post by Tasman Westbury, with Jean Westbury.

At first, I decided to give up coffee entirely for Lent. Then the reality of my busy work schedule kicked in, and I chose to partake of it in moderation instead (which can be even more difficult than complete abstinence, as St. Augustine notes – De Bono Conjugali, §25). My revised discipline provided an opportunity to witness in a cafe.

I ordered a decaf mocha, and the server asked, “Why decaf?”

I explained that I was doing it as my Lenten penance. He said that he was a Catholic too, but didn’t go to church anymore. “I’m not a lapsed Catholic. I’m a damaged Catholic.”

He was amazed to find that I had just recently entered the Church. “What a time to become Catholic! With all the corruption in our hierarchy, why bother?”

“Yes, it is difficult when those who lead us and who should have had more practice becoming holy, fail and cause scandal to everyone,” I affirmed. “But we should not let that keep us away from Christ and His Church.”

This Holy Week, let us pray especially for those entering into the Church this Easter Vigil, that they may receive continued support and strength in their faith, and also for those who have been away from the sacraments, that the Holy Spirit may lead them back to Christ.


Image: Pexels/PD-US

Guest Writer

Guest Writer

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2 thoughts on “Coffee Evangelization”

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    I gave up coffee last year too, it was brutal. This year I gave up adding milk or flavors to my coffee; which makes it considerably easier, but still difficult. I have learned to appreciate Americanos, though.

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