Commitment to Change

A friend of mine texted me last night. This was a friend who is quite intellectual, but he enjoys talking about conspiracy theories such as UFOs rather than historical facts and religion. He is fairly interested in Christianity, but whenever the topic of the ‘Historical Jesus’ is broached, he would usually shy away and not be very open to listening.

I have often wondered why this is so, and recently came to a realization. I think that it is because believing in Jesus demands a real commitment. Also, true and good religion teaches a real objective morality, which challenges people’s standards of living. Words like “I’m spiritual but not religious” require no effort and no commitment. This nonsense gives space for exploration, rather than abiding to a definitive value to begin with. It is still relativism.

It is far easier to immerse our minds in conspiracy and hide from the truth, because it is less taxing on the will. Being a disciple of Jesus requires Metanoia, an aggressive and conscious wholesome change — both inside and out.


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Image: Pexels/PD-US

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