Trust and Truth

tumblr_o2cxh2udzd1re8qseo1_500Sometimes, when one hears of a poor fellow being scammed, losing his savings to a nonexistent online girlfriend, or wasting thousands on damaging psychobabble seminars, one wonders—how could he have believed such an incredulous thing?

Trust is the bedrock of human society—every time we have a conversation with a friend, conduct business, or worship, we trust that overall, what we are hearing and doing is true. The feeling of betrayal and disillusionment when one finds that one has been duped is the absolute pits.

Yet, one has to accept that others and ourselves have limited vision, and that our weaknesses will more often than not cause us to make bad decisions. Scams play on people’s desire for something good—a relationship, money, or a way to fix their life’s problems. This world is disordered by sin and strife, and it is not always easy to find peace with oneself and one’s circumstances. People grow tired of struggling through painful loneliness or the trials of life and leap at seemingly easy solutions.

However, it is through struggles that we grow in maturity and wisdom. One may have to accept the pain of being scammed—that, too, is an opportunity for self-reflection and a reality check that ultimately we cannot fully trust ourselves or other creatures, but must place our full trust in God alone, Who gives us the peace that the world cannot give, no matter how terrible our tribulations and failures. “Truth Himself speaks truly / Or there’s nothing true,” as St Thomas Aquinas hymned.

How incredible that God trusts us, frail humans, with bearing His Word to others!

Image: Joy-Sorrow