The Sugar Sacrifice: Who Will Win?

Heather Anderson Renshaw

Heather Anderson Renshaw

Heather Renshaw is a wife, Mama to five young children, and on-fire revert to the Faith. She is a speaker & event organizer (Catholic Women Rejoice, Called to Love, retreats), Producer/Co-host for The Visitation Project on Mater Dei Radio, blogs at Real Catholic Mom and Blessed is She, and contributed to All Things Girl: Truth For Teens. Heather loves good music, iced coffee, the Gulf Coast, and when others do laundry. Heather's hope is that all may experience the healing power of Jesus's Divine Mercy so they can rejoice and be free.

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9 thoughts on “The Sugar Sacrifice: Who Will Win?”

  1. Hi Heather….

    I, too, have just started to tackle my sugar additction as of about 1 month ago. It is not easy but I can say I absolutely no longer have any cravings for sweets or carbs. I’m eating a ketogenic diet, heavily centered on the animal kingdom. Absolutely no sweets, carbs or sugar of any kind. I’ve finally been able to pass up the desserts at work and be around folks eating all kinds of things that I would formerly find delicious. Now, I view sugar truly as poison to my system and I’m glad to be rid of it! I’ve been able to loose a little over 13 lbs in one month. I’m not saying my way is for everyone but if you would like more info, the following links are great places to start.
    I would be happy to talk to you about my journey. Prayers for your good health!

    1. Drusilla – there really *are* many diet choices out there; it can be a bit overwhelming! I’m kind of an “everything in moderation” sort of person, but usually “moderation” with sugar isn’t doable for me – it’s either all or nothing. Your comment about protein rings true; I’ll have to up my intake! Thank you so much for your comment; I wish you good health! Pax Christi. -H

  2. What @jennrothwell:disqus said. Also, cravings for sugar are often a signal that more protein is needed.

    I had to give up sugar and many carbs due to persistent GI issues. My diet is more primal than paleo or ketogenic since I need a small amount of carbs to be able to sleep but coconut oil helps reduce that need. But there are many diet choices out there.

    Giving up sugar is a great first step and very difficult if one is used to added sugar in products. God bless you as you work to be a better steward of your body and remain in solidarity with your pastor.

    Drusilla Barron

  3. Good for you! Don’t give up now. Since getting married and getting out of the army I have found myself trending towards a less healthy diet and lifestyle and putting on weight. A month ago I started restricting myself to eating dessert only on sundays, birthdays and holy days and it turns out to be harder than I expected it to be,but it is something well worth offering up.

  4. Wow, Jenn – those are some great results! Congratulations! I will definitely check out the sites you mentioned and follow up to if I have any questions. Thanks for the support; Lord knows I need all the help I can get!! Pax Christi. -H

  5. I don’t like sugar. Seriously. I really don’t like cookies and cake. Which is weird because my wife is an avid baker.
    But beer and chips, now you’re talking.
    1 maybe 2 beers a day, handful of chips.

  6. douglas kraeger

    God bless you for sharing this (again). My wife is on a similar diet (?) and has lost many pounds. I believe your remark about earning graces for another is so good. I wish every Priest and Bishop who has gained so much weight over the years would say from the pulpit that they were going to lose weight, not so much for their physical health, rather for the spiritual help of their parishioners, to help them see and be encouraged to voluntarily forego the goods they have a right to, and enjoy, to forego them as a voluntary sacrifice, in union with Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for all sinners. Think how such a statement from the priest could help many spouses who have slowly become addicted (slaves) to their good wants and are therefore no longer in control, but are slaves of their wants and are therefore teaching their children by their bad example.

  7. For me, the struggle is snacking between meals. You are a great inspiration for me to”fast” betwee meals for multiple intentions.

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