Our Friends: The Saints

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We have access to literally thousands of friends—at any time. No, I’m not talking about Facebook or any other online network; I’m talking about an eternal network of friends in high places. The saints are always available when we need to ask for intercession. The saints are like a big network that is always accessible-no phone or computer needed.

Any problem you have, any need, there is almost certainly a saint who went through the same situation.  Whether you are a student, a parent, a doctor, or anything in between, there is a saint who had the same experience.

Saints were real people. Yes, they may have levitated and had visions of Jesus and Mary. Some saints even subsisted on the Eucharist alone. Despite mystical experiences they may have been privy to, the fact that remains that all of them had sinful tendencies to struggle against every day. What made them saints, then? The fact that they were determined to focus on Jesus Christ and their ultimate goal: Heaven. They realized they were in the world, but not of the world. They realized their eternal destiny, the destiny that each of us was created for. Reaching their heavenly home was what kept them pressing on.

There are many saints watching over you already. Your parents may have named you after a saint (or you may have a saint’s name though it wasn’t your parents’ intention). At Confirmation, you also likely choose a saint to add to your name. Many countries and cities have a patron saint. There are even patron saints of various professions, ailments, and situations. This website has an extensive listing by different categories.

I have seen in my own life the powerful intercession of the saints. For two years, I went through very trying times. Saint Monica exemplified perseverance by praying for her wayward son for years, not giving up hope that he would turn his life around. Many others would have given up, but she pressed on. Her perseverance and persistence paid off. Eventually her son turned to God and became a great saint, Saint Augustine. Due to her persistence, I reached out to her for intercession many times during my trials, one of which was unemployment. In 2014, on the feast of Saint Monica, I signed paperwork for a dream job (which literally fell into my lap; or perhaps I should say, God granted the job to me). Not only that, I also found my apartment on her feast day. An apartment of my own was something I had looked forward to for years, but had never been able to experience. I could feel Saint Monica, the companion on my long journey, smiling beside me. I could just see her telling her me “See? There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Perseverance pays off. God is always listening to your prayers.” I was, and am, so grateful for Saint Monica’s help. I know that other trials will come, and my heavenly friend will surely still be there to encourage and intercede for me in these future trials.

blacksaints_stmonica-300x187 (St. Monica and St. Augustine)

Next time you feel alone in your struggles, reach out to one of your saintly friends. If you want a special patron for the year, you can visit the saint name generator or simply pray to discover the saint that will specially look out for you. You are certainly not alone. Numerous people from centuries past, and centuries not so past, have endured the same things. They didn’t let sin or problems get the best of them. With God’s grace, they conquered and now enjoy their heavenly reward. Our friends, the saints, always have our best interest in mind. They lead us closer to God by their example and assist us in our trials by their prayers. All you saints and angels, pray for us!


Lianna Mueller

Lianna Mueller

Lianna is a case manager for refugees in Ohio. Becoming "the best version of herself" and inspiring others to do the same is her aim. She enjoys writing, learning about other cultures, and trying to pick up other languages.

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5 thoughts on “Our Friends: The Saints”

  1. . I like the St. Monica story and I have interceded for decades for extreme sinners both through the canonized saints but also through the non canonized saints. In your case you could say, ” All Lianna’s who are in Heaven (unknown to the canonization process) pray for my refugee clients” etc.
    Ecumenically I often say, ” All you Trappists, Carthusians, Amish, and Hutterites who are in Heaven…pray for all those who are falling into criminal lives.”

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