"You Complete Me" and Other Lies We Tell

Nic Davidson

Nic Davidson

Nic Davidson and his wife joined the Church in ’08 after growing up in the Assemblies of God. He was a youth minister in Duluth, MN, spent 3 years working as a missionary on the Caribbean island of Dominica while his wife attended Med School, and just finished writing a 3-year youth ministry curriculum for the Diocese of Duluth, MN. While on-island, he and his wife adopted three wonderful siblings. He has returned to the States and blogs at Death Before Death and keeps you updated on his family at The Dynamic Davidson Duo.

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4 thoughts on “"You Complete Me" and Other Lies We Tell”

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  3. I am applying this to my life as a mother. Everything you said is like my relationship with my kids. I’ve been trying to be the perfect mother and I tell them I love them way ad nauseum, because I am afraid of losing them. thank you for your help. God speaks to us through others much of them time, and today you were his mouthpiece for me. I very much needed to hear this.

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