Seven Inspiring Movies for Lent

Shaun McAfee

Shaun McAfee

Shaun McAfee is a veteran of the Air Force and current civilian in the Army Corps of Engineers as a Contract Specialist. He blogs at Currently he is pursuing a Masters in Dogmatic Theology with Holy Apostles College and Seminary where he also serves as the Social Media Director. He also works for Patrick Madrid's Envoy Institute as the Social Media Administrator. A convert to Catholicism, he loves learning, explaining, sharing, and defending the faith. He is married and has two boys named Gabriel and Tristan. They live in Omaha, NE.

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4 thoughts on “Seven Inspiring Movies for Lent”

  1. MarytheDefender

    I haven’t seen some of those films but I would strongly recommend “The Mission.” Its a film about Jesuit missionaries sent to the Guarini tribe in South America. Its beautifully made film! The bravery, and faith of the people is truly inspiring!

  2. In addition to “The Mission”, I’d also like to recommend “The Saint of Fort Washington”. God shows up where and when He wants to.,.sometimes in the most unusual places…

  3. Oooh, Les Mis – good add to my list (so powerful! slowly slowly I am working my way through the book). I also have wanted to see The Apostle for a really long time. I third The Mission – truly wonderful film. I think I can fill out your list a bit more:

    – The Robe – a classic Good Friday watch for me – its age shows in a few moments, but a beautiful story of how transformative encountering Christ is, focusing on the soldier who wins Christ’s robe playing dice.
    – Amazing Grace – about William Wilberforce, whose conversion led him to fight the slave trade in Britain
    – Man Dancin’ (or Kerrigan’s Passion) – a great small British film that takes a gritty look at the passion in this story about a just-parolled convict returning to Glasgow, and getting involved in the local passion play

    And if you’re in the mood for a comedy, The Trouble with Angels is a great mix of boarding school pranksters and the beauty of faith & religious vocation.

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