If the Church Is Boring or “Redundant”, Is Marriage Too?

Shaun McAfee

Shaun McAfee

Shaun McAfee is a veteran of the Air Force and current civilian in the Army Corps of Engineers as a Contract Specialist. He blogs at ShaunMcAfee.com. Currently he is pursuing a Masters in Dogmatic Theology with Holy Apostles College and Seminary where he also serves as the Social Media Director. He also works for Patrick Madrid's Envoy Institute as the Social Media Administrator. A convert to Catholicism, he loves learning, explaining, sharing, and defending the faith. He is married and has two boys named Gabriel and Tristan. They live in Omaha, NE.

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3 thoughts on “If the Church Is Boring or “Redundant”, Is Marriage Too?”

  1. Great article, man! Love the correlation between the two. Going on my 13th year of marriage, I can also say, as with the Church, that the coals get hot enough to start a LOT of fires after a while! (The good kind of fires)

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