5 YouTube Videos that Turn Heads TOWARDS Catholicism

Although not surprising, it is astonishing that Catholicism is viewed by the world so negatively. As Peter Kreeft mentions in his talk Seven Reasons Everyone on Earth Should Be a Roman Catholic, “We’re like an iron ball in the pit of the world’s stomach, we can’t be digested, we can’t be assimilated”. As it is, our orthodox doctrines will surely always be considered lunacy to the world, but the question posed by Christ remains, “Does this shock you? (John 6:61)

Jesus used shock and awe as his mode of Evangelization from time to time. Therefore, my assumption is that we should follow in his sandal steps and provide the world with a little bit of that wow factor they need to spark their interest in all things Catholic. After all, the Bride of Christ is just as mind-blowing and compelling as the Groom, so why don’t people see it that way?

Here are five YouTube videos and accompanying actions that showcase some of the lesser known aspects that make our religion awesome. I dare you to post one onto your Facebook wall and/or Twitter feed right now.

1. The Incorruptibles

Related non-digital action for the day: Read Joan Carrol Cruz’s book, The Incorruptibles, it will help you explain this phenomenon better when your Facebook friends inquire.

2. The True Meaning of the Eucharist (and accompanying miracles)

From 0:00-5:50 is an explanation of the True Meaning and 5:50 and onward hits some great (approved) Eucharistic miracles.

Related non-digital action for the day: Go to Mass. Take the Eucharist. Go to Adoration and read Scott Hahn’s The Lamb’s Supper if you have time.

3. The GOOD that the Church does

“We are the largest charitable organization on the planet.”

For a more thorough debate:

Related non-digital action for the day: Donate to or join a missionary organization. They do so much with so little and without a lick of publicity. Try to keep it that way by making your sacrifice in secret.

4. Priests and Nuns

We all want to give up our lives for something. Some give it up for drugs and money, others give it up for their spouses and families. Some give it all to God. Who else would you prefer leading your Church?

Related non-digital actions for the day: Meet with a priest (especially in confession if you can) or tweet a nun.

5. Jaw-dropping beauty

“The Catholic Church is beautiful, for it is the Bride of Christ.”

Related non-digital action for the day: Wear a Scapular. The world is obsessed with jewelry and shiny things. This simple woolen sacramental is so contrary to the chains and hard rocks on people’s necks and wrists that when they pop out of our collars, they inspire divine conversation with those who notice. Not to mention they keep you away from hellfire, which is nice.

Any other videos I’m missing? Post the link in the combox and add to the collection of awesomeness.