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Cloistered Nuns Secure Worldwide Music Distribution

October 26, AD 2012 9 Comments

Amazing.  Beautiful.  Necessary.   – It’s difficult to find the right words to describe the angelically perfect sound of Advent At Ephesus – an upcoming release by the De Montfort Music Label.

This story is special for a number of reasons.

First, the nuns who perform on Advent at Ephesus live a cloistered life. Their mission in the words of the order’s Prioress, Mother Cecilia (fitting name) is that “we only desire the salvation of souls, and that all be done for His greater glory and the honor of Our Lady.” Mother Cecilia left a secular career with the Columbus, Ohio Symphony to enter religious life.

Second, music industry veterans Kevin and Monica Fitzgibbons discovered the beautiful sound of the Sisters. Through their music label de Montfort Music, they successfully enlisted Grammy® and Oscar® winning producer Glenn Rosenstein to set up a mobile recording studio at the convent to produce the album.

“From the very first note we heard from The Benedictines of Mary – through the recording their first major international release – we believed in their captivating musical talents,” said De Montfort Music CEO Kevin Fitzgibbons. “It is representative of artistic beauty and truth across the ages. This music is timeless.”

Third, and perhaps providential is that the Sisters and de Montfort Music obtained international distribution through Decca Records (part of Universal Music Group), the worlds largest music content company.

Fourth and most incredible is the actual music. The word “amazing” is true but far from enough. The word “beautiful” is also accurate and much closer to describing the sound. The word “necessary” suggests the importance of sacred music in our secular world. Individually, none of the above words do Advent of Ephesus justice. Together the adjectives merely come close to describing the wonder that is to be available on November 20.

Already pre-sales on Amazon has Advent of Ephesus rising the charts. My suggestion to readers is that we make this album number one in classical sales! It’s important to show the world that there is demand for sacred and beautiful music.

Purchase the Album before it’s available:
Advent at Ephesus

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By Royce Hood /

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Royce Hood is involved in multiple Catholic and Pro-Life apostolates. He currently works with Immaculata Law Firm in Chicago. The law firm specializes in creative financing solutions for Catholic non-profits. Royce is the founder of & co-director of He is also the founder of the Law of Life Summit and a board member with the March for Life Foundation. Royce graduated from Ave Maria School of Law in May of 2012.
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  • alvien

    This is awesome!By the way,I think I saw you on life on the rock a cupple of months ago.

    • Thanks for the comment! Life on the Rock was a lot of fun. Great experience!

  • Wow, I listened to about 10 seconds of the video before deciding I needed to buy it. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing Royce.

    • I did the same the thing. Truly beautiful music. Please be sure to spread the word! God Bless.

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  • Elizabeth

    Might I suggest that, while you can pre-order this through Amazon for $13.80 plus shipping, if you order it directly from the good sisters, more of the proceeds go directly to THEM! They are selling it for $20.00 so you will pay more, but in order to benefit the Sisters, please consider NOT getting this from Amazon. The direct link to purchase from them is:

  • Elizabeth

    Dear Mr. Hood:

    I’d like to request that you either change the link from Amazon TO the Sister’s website in order to benefit them instead of Amazon. Or at least, add their link as an option for people:

    Thank you.

  • I’ve changed it Elizabeth. Thank you.