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The Rosary Explained

October 21, AD 2012 5 Comments


Let's talk about the Rosary

Many people are wondering why Catholics hold those beads called the Rosary in their hands and what’s the real inspiration behind them. In this little booklet I’ll attempt to give quick answers to some of the questions and doubts often raised by people.

Click to Download Your Copy Now (PDF 326.9 KB).

Never be afraid of loving the Blessed Virgin Mary too much. You can never love her more than Jesus did and If anyone does not wish to have Mary Immaculate for his mother, he will not have Christ for his brother. ~ St. Maximilian Kolbe

About the Author:

Godwin Delali Adadzie is a Christian living in Africa. He is the founder of CATHOOLIC. Most people know him for his work Let’s talk about the Rosary. He can be reached on his Twitter handle @Apologetics.

  • Richard E

    Rosary – crown of roses, it is also a symbol of many of the early women martyrs who were thrown to wild beast as they would wove a ‘crown of roses’ to place on their head before going to meet their fate. Saint Max Kolbe wrote that the Virgin offered him two crown, one red for the martyrs life, one white for holiness and he chose both, we migth symbolize the red crown as a crown of roses. Just a thought.
    The little booklet is a wonderful teaching tool for young and old alike.

  • Thank you Richard for your feedback. It’s my hope that it reaches as many people as possible.


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  • richard

    Our Lady surrounds us with her cloak of protection when we pray the Rosary from the heart.

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