Hacking the Catholic Vote

Joseph Koss

Joseph Koss

Joe is a husband and father, and with his family has recently moved from Alaska to Michigan. He is doing a temporary tour of duty with CatholicVote.org until November. Joe graduated from Ave Maria School of Law a few years ago and has since then been working in politics. His family enjoys outdoor adventures, watching and playing sports, and enjoying the adventures God places before them.

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7 thoughts on “Hacking the Catholic Vote”

    1. Those are the duties of the people who follow Christ. Christ never directed His people to get government to do it. When a political party claims to be doing that, then look to see how they defend the unborn, and marriage and the right of people to keep what they earn for their own family’s needs. If there is a disconnect, then realize they are the Decadent Party. If the party fights to protect the rights of unborn babies; defends historical, traditional marriage between one man and one woman; are respectful to all income earners and aren’t “coveting” their “goods,” and are feeding, sheltering, clothing, caring for the needy and the sick and infirm and are loving, then that is the Decent Party. The Decent Party is honest and doesn’t lie to people like the Decadent Party. They don’t hold up disgraced people as leaders, people who allow a woman to drown while saving their own skin, or beat up a woman he wants to have sex with. They don’t vote to keep God out of their party platform, or insult an ally by reneging on naming Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Those are more behaviors of the Decadent Party.

  1. Because this election is like none other and because the Church has a big stake in the outcome, I strongly urge all bishops to make public, as a private citizen, who they are voting for. It is legal and educational in that it shows the right outcome one should have if their conscience is properly formed. If a Catholic’s choice was different than their bishop’s in this year’s election so important to the Church, then that will enable him to reexamine why and where is conscience was not properly formed.

  2. It’s ironic to me that our nation was built on Christian principles, yet now so much of the world is trying to ignore Chrisianity and even push it aside. Until I read this article, I thought I was the only one noticing the campaign given by those who identify themselves as Catholic, stressing to all Catholics that it’s ok to vote certain ways even if your religion (or you for that matter) doesn’t agree. It pains me to see my fellow “Catholics” siding with non Catholic teachings. I pray for them and hope for Jesus to convert their hearts and minds for His Kingdom, not our earthly kingdom. Thanks for this article and thank-you to all Catholics who listen to the will of our Lord–even if it is not what your human will wants or believes–sometimes this is a suffering that we just have to offer to Jesus and trust that He knows better than us. Tis the year of FAITH!! In God WE Trust!

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  4. Archbishop Chaput’s statement is spot-on.

    Too bad Cardinal Dolan will not admit that his actions (a la the Al Smith “dinner”) will be another nail in the coffin being prepared for America.

    I am still praying, especially for the sake of all the faithful young people that I see, that Cardinal Dolan stops with the talking-point excuses (“Even Jesus dined with tax collectors”) that are so demeaning to these young, educated men and women that are not fooled by talking points, and again, I pray that he cancels the dinner.

    I guarantee if he announced tomorrow he was cancelling it and asked for donations to pay the vendors plus the amount that would have been raised for the charities, it would be double or triple what they are ‘making’ off the event. And the long-term goodwill would be priceless.

    But no, “tradition” and “celebrity” are more important to him than the Truth, which I, and the young college kids I see, find repulsive.

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