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SheIsCatholic vlogs here.  Make sure you stop by, say hello, and follow her productions.  I am sure she would love everyone to also “Like” her facebook page.  Without further rambling from me, let me introduce you to SheIsCatholic.  Her responses are blocked in the post.

First, let me thank you for taking the time for this interview.  It is always great to see the incredible apostolates in which the faithful are engaging our culture. 

Give us a little background about yourself.

“After years of being misled by individuals who interpreted Vatican II as a free for all, my mother found the truths of the Catholic faith shortly after marrying my father who was a Buddhist. By the grace of God and without being pressured, my father eventually converted to Catholicism a few years later. With our best interest in mind, my parents chose to home school all six of us.

I’ve always had persistent interests in music, art and journalism. When I was younger I would write newspapers by hand for my family concerning new things that were happening in the household. They were sort of useless, because practically everyone already knew everything. I eventually got an old fashioned typewriter for my birthday, but within a very short period of time one of my siblings spilled cashews in it (which I also got for my birthday) and it ceased to work after that. I also had a talk/radio show called “ABC Kids.” I would fill a whole cassette tape with interviews, stories, music and singing and give it to my Dad. When I was twelve, I discovered how to use my family’s camcorder and immediately became the strict and neurotic director. None of the shows I orchestrated ever turned out as I imagined, but my siblings and I have great memories of those times.

I just finished my second year of college. My focus this summer is to visit religious orders in order to see if God is calling me to religious life.”

Ok, you leave your name off the SheisCatholicvlog.  Any chance you will share it here?

“I sort of enjoy remaining anonymous.”


Very sure?

Did you grow up Catholic?  How do you explain to your friends when they say that “You are Catholic because you were raised this way”?

“I have never been confronted by such a statement from any of my friends. Typically, my acquaintances will label me as ‘really/super religious’ and respond with a statement of respect. To anyone who would object to my practicing the faith, simply because I was raised in it, they ought to be asked if they would approve of it had I arrived at such a decision after several years of spiritual wandering and turmoil. Too many people think that taking on a new religion, after abandoning the one they were raised in, is better than living and loving truth.”

From what I have seen, you attend college.  The video with the classmate interested in Catholicism was pretty good.  If you could go to any college in the world, it would be Steubenville right?  I ask this because that is my alma mater; but you would still pick it right?

“I would actually choose to attend an Ivy League school. I know it sounds weird, but I have my reasons! The opportunities to network and grab a position in which I would have the means to reach more people would be much greater than if I attended a Catholic college.”

I am one of six – I have one older brother and four younger sisters. My sister (Sr. Anna) is presently still in formation with the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. This August, God willing, she will take the white habit and a new name when she becomes a novice.”

My favorite video of yours is probably the “Be quiet you noisy people” and “The Latin Mass.”  Of course, there is the video on wearing mantillas and the many ways a woman can do so, gossip, and your latest on modesty.  What is your favorite one so far?  Which video has received the most hits?

“’My sister – getting to the convent’ is the one I enjoy watching the most. And typically, my latest upload is the one I ‘like’ the most, if that makes any sense! So far ‘Church Veils, how to wear a mantilla’ has gotten the most hits.

A funny side note about ‘Be quiet you noisy people’ – when I was a kid, my mother coordinated adoration at our church. There was a recurring problem of people walking past the chapel and conducting themselves in a tragically irreverent manner by talking non-stop and loudly. She made a few signs to post near the entrance and showed them to me. As a joke, she threw in ‘be quiet you noise people!’ and I found it really funny.”

Social media has taken over the younger generations like the invention of the television for generations before us.  What has given you inspiration to step out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch?

“Being part of the younger generation, I was already in the middle of it. I started my channel with the intention of evangelizing the random passerby, as well as encouraging, assuring (okay, and entertaining) the faithful Catholic who might be isolated from other faithful Catholics. It’s my hope that what I’m doing is pleasing to God and that truth is what ultimately attracts the viewer to learn more about the faith.”

I know from experience about blogging that it can take a lot of time to get thoughts together, edit, research, get stuck catching up on another person’s blog, get back to writing.  Video vlogging seems like a lot more work.  How long does it take you to produce your videos?  How do you choose the theme for each?

“Typically, I’ll go about my daily business and something will strike me in such a way that I will feel compelled to create a video about it. I’ll pray about how I should present it, but quite regularly a fully realized composition will enter my head right away. The Holy Spirit works in marvelous ways. Research, writing and shooting usually take a cumulative of one to two hours. The longest part is editing. Each video is different, but on average it takes about three to four hours. I also write the music for my videos, so if I want to put in something new it takes a few more hours for me to compose and export it. All of my work is done on an iPad.”

You do videos, I do posts.  I think we are interested to know what blogs you read.  What are your favorites?  Let me remind you that this interview is at  Did you get that subliminal message?  Ok, serious.  Do you read blogs?  Which do you like most?

“I check ignitumtoday and lifesite news, but otherwise I don’t spend much time online. If I see something interesting from the ‘Romereports’ channel, I’ll further research it.”

Ok, so I subscribe to your vlogs and we have the best readership in the Catholic blogosphere.  Of course, we do, just ask me.  With that said, could you give some ideas of what is coming down the pipe for future videos?  Do you take requests or recommendations from your readership?

“I make two videos with a Marian theme every month. Also, a few of my subscribers have mentioned that they would like to see videos on communion and the four temperaments. The rest is up to the Holy Spirit.

I do take requests. Sometimes it takes me a while to fulfill certain ones because they require more editing or research. If I have ever failed to upload a request, months after discussing it with an individual, it is most likely that I simply forgot because I’m disorganized at times!”

Well, there you have it folks.  I would like to thank SheIsCatholic for taking the time to share a little about herself.  Remember to check her channel out! 


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