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All the Single Ladies – Charting for Beginners

July 3, AD 2012 9 Comments

Hey friends! I’m back in vlog form to give a basic, beginners, lingo-free explanation for single women about how to learn your body’s natural queues and cycles. I’m kind of quiet in this video, mostly because my roommate was in the other room and I was embarrassed, so PUMP UP THE VOLUME and enjoy!


About the Author:

Elizabeth Hillgrove is a young cradle Catholic who grew up in a tight-knit, if not absurdly close family in the tiny Catholic world of Virginia. After a few divots and detours into apathy, embarrassment, and a vested political interest, Jesus Christ jump-started her faith life. Elizabeth has researched her way into a passion for bringing the simple, fulfilling Truth to youth and young adults, especially females. A recovering tomboy, Elizabeth will challenge you on the field, in the pool, on a trek up a mountain, or in the art studio. Game on. She is one of the three Bright Maidens and her website is Startling the Day.
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  • Julie Rodrigues

    You’re good at vlogging, Elizabeth! Great post. I especially like the basal thermometer tip. Thanks!

  • Felicity

    Thanks, this was really helpful and motivating! I often think (as a single lady haha) that I should start charting before there are any complicating factors in the mix, this may just jump start me into doing that 🙂

  • Could not love this more! Thank you for doing this and focusing on single women! 😀

  • Shiela

    Great vlog post. I wish I had friends like you when I was a single lady.

  • Thank you all!

  • Grace

    Elizabeth, you are hilarious and gave me great insight into charting. I’ve been wanting to start for a while, but all I’ve read are these long, confusing, dry documents for married couples. W00t! Thanks for taking one for the team, awkward as it may be!

  • Hahaha, natural signs. Love it.

    Not a doctor. Also love that.

    This was really informative and I think this might be something I need to start doing, just for funsies. Charting is fun, right? 🙂

  • Christine

    You are so cool! Thank you especially for explaining this – making the confusing-from-the-outside world of NFP and charting simple and easy to understand. I love that you’re encouraging us single ladies to chart, because it’s never too early to understand our bodies. I literally started a googledoc while I was watching this. 🙂

    I also love your posts about dating: the “Easier than you think” post was exactly what I needed, and I also love everything on “Startling the Day.”

    Thank you for being you- a real, relatable, hilarious, awesome, young Catholic! Looking forward to more from you!