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Love, Mercy, and Truth

May 9, AD 2012 2 Comments

I’ve been working my way through Caritas in Veritate for what seems like forever now. And even though I’m halfway through, I already know that I will need to reread as soon as I finish because there is so much packed into those 30,000 words. When we were told that the new symposium would be “Mercy and Killing”, I knew two things.

1.) That I knew nothing about such topics, beyond that I constantly beg for mercy from God, while not entirely grasping the full implication of such a prayer.

2.) That somehow, Caritas in Veritate would have something to say about it.

Imagine my relief when I found that Fr. Robert Barron has a youtube video explaining Caritas in Veritate!

So without further ado:

About the Author:

Kayla Peterson is a Catholic, a wife, and a book addict. On June 25, 2011 she married the love of her life. Together, they are working on building their marriage for the Lord. Though she is Catholic and her husband is not, they enjoy worshiping Christ together, finding common ground, and trying not to shout about their differences. Their hope is that their children will know, love, and honor God with all their hearts, minds, and souls. Kayla blogs about interfaith marriage and other topics that strike her fancy at The Alluring World.
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  • Susan Varenne

    Truth and love. How not to succumb to superficial sentimentality (e.g. illicit sexual relations). Life ethics are connected to social ethics–affirmation of life at all levels. Closing down the options for life: contraception, euthanasia, abortion. The contractual logic of the marketplace and political logic are both good, but need the logic of “sheer gratuity,” generosity. Without the generosity, economies will become less than human. B16 explains that we must neither idolize nor exploit nature, but respect it. It is a serious moral problem to exploit the earth. Would it, however, be possible to have an effective and just world government? Not sure. Too utopian. Did B16 actually write most of this letter? The beginning sounds like him, but the biblical sensibility is missing and it might be that a committee wrote most of it. His “stylistic elan” is missing. But a great letter.