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You have my pen…

May 3, AD 2012 16 Comments

Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ!

My name is Abigail C. Reimel, and I am a Catholic teenager striving to serve God in all things.  Since my “bio” will soon be in the “Meet Us” section, I’d like to use this introduction to explain some things that I did not include in my brief description.

Before I continue, let me first say that- when writing (and doing anything else, for that matter)- God’s approval is my first concern and His creativity my primary inspiration.  Anything that I post that is well-written or cleverly-worded is not me, it’s Him working through me.  And, anything incoherent or foolish that I write is me trying to work by myself!

I absolutely love to read, and ever since I started reading non-fiction Catholic theology, I’ve discovered that many of the ideas I try to write about have already been elaborated upon by people like G.K. Chesterton and C. S. Lewis (technically Anglican) in a much more beautiful and eloquent way than I ever would have managed.  So, the majority of what I write is sprinkled with quotes from philosophers and Saints, and I love it when people comment and leave me additional quotes to add to my mental arsenal.

Speaking of brilliant people, my introduction would not be complete without informing (or warning?) readers that I am a huge fan of J.R.R. Tolkien.  It is almost impossible for me to write a post without referring to him- and believe me, if I don’t make a reference to one of his books (or The Lord of the Rings movies) it is because I’m practicing self-restraint.  Tolkien’s fantasy, essays, ideas, and quotes have truly shaped my life (I often refer to my mother’s forcing me to try the first chapter of The Hobbit for fifth grade summer reading as being the best thing she ever made me do).

I am extremely pro-life, with abortion being my primary focus.  I am a contributor to the St. Austin Review’s Ink Desk (the St. Austin Review is a literary magazine edited by Joseph Pearce; my contributions to his online site have been few and far between, but will increase when summer comes around).  I am the oldest of four, and I love spending time with my family.  I should also mention that I am stress-prone, and a worry-wart, and like to describe my imagination as being “overly-active”.  I am admitting to this so that, if any future posts seem to be incredibly pessimistic or exaggerated, there is at least a half-good reason for it.  But, overall I like to try to keep my writing optimistic and at least offer hope to those who are trying, just like me, to continue to fight the supernatural battle against Satan as faithfully as possible.

In closing, I entitled this introduction “You have my pen…” after recalling the scene in The Fellowship of the Ring where Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli all offer Frodo their weapons and allegiance for the difficult road he has volunteered to travel, the road to Mount Doom to destroy the Ring (surprise, surprise).  Just as they were there for him as he took on this great burden of evil (very Christ-like in his free acceptance) I offer my pen first to God, that He might use it as needed, and then to all of those who read this.  All Catholics are together, fighting on the same side in this great spiritual battle, and here on Ignitum Today, the contributors are using their words to inform, encourage, and support their fellow men on the battlefield, like St. George against the dragon, or St. Joan of Arc- my Confirmation Saint- fighting to restore good in response to God’s call.  As I join this incredible group of people in their mission to “provide Catholic perspectives on every topic that matters”, I offer my pen to my fellow contributors, and to the readers.  May God use my words to bless, comfort, and inspire all of you; as your words and comments do the same for me.

St. Francis de Sales, patron of writers, ora pro nobis!

St. Joan of Arc, patron of soldiers, ora pro nobis!

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About the Author:

Abigail C. Reimel is a budding Catholic author in love with her faith. Though her more immediate dreams include successfully completing college and securing an editing position, she ultimately hopes to live in a little beach house with her future family while writing books that present “the good, the true, and the beautiful” to the young adult generation in an exciting way. She has been published in the St. Austin Review and hopes to be published many more times in the future. She adores living by the ocean, but traded salty winds for mountain air to attend Christendom College, where she is majoring in English.

  • Ink and Quill

    Welcome, Abigail!

    The name is Ink. Just Ink.

    My co-writer Quill is currently writing an absolutely massive final paper on John Henry Newman (and I’m supposed to be working, but I’m more inclined to staying up later and working all night) so I’m going to speak for both of us (and tell him about it when he’s done) when I say we’re glad to have you here! Both of us are huge fans of Tolkien (I more than he) and Chesterton (he introduced me to the great man) and Lewis (I confess I’m not done with the Space Trilogy yet; I plead architecture school).

    A little tip: if you like quotes, start collecting them from EVERYWHERE. Having quotes from both secular and religious sources makes you very potent in any kind of an argument… or just fun to be around.

    I’d love to come up with a clever one to close, but I’m afraid I have to go finish some of my last-minute work and study for finals.
    Approaching the Cliffs of Insanity!,

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  • Bill

    Abigail, You have my eyeglasses whenever I have your pen!

    Arise, arise, Riders of Théoden!
    Fell deeds awake, fire and slaughter!
    spear shall be shaken, shield be splintered,
    a sword-day, a red day, ere the sun rises!
    Ride now, ride now! Ride to Gondor!

  • Rick Evans

    How very interesting! I love your introduction letter.

  • Abigail C. Reimel

    Hello Ink (and Quill), thanks for the warm welcome!

    Best of luck on both of your papers. I’m happy to hear that we seem to enjoy the same authors, and that at least the both of you will enjoy my frequent Tolkien references! 🙂

    Thanks for the tip! I will keep that in mind; like you said, I’ll be more likely to reach more people if I all my quotes don’t begin with: “St. So-and-so said…”.

    If all else fails, The Princess Bride is always a good idea! 🙂

    May the blessings of all free folk go with you (and Quill)!

  • Abigail C. Reimel

    Bill: thanks for your eyeglasses and the quote! 🙂 I love that scene; it’s so powerful.

    Rick Evans: thank you as well! I’m happy I held your interest!

    May God bless both of you!

  • Ink and Quill

    Or, someone who’s not as blatantly religious. Like Jorge Luis Borges. (I have a quote from him pinned to my studio desk: “My undertaking is not difficult, essentially… I should only have to be immortal to carry it out.”) C. S. Lewis is pretty well-appreciated by much of the secular world… JP2 is as well, actually. And yes, when in doubt, Princess Bride–or Monty Python.


  • Abigail C. Reimel

    That’s a good one! I’ve never heard of Jorge Luis Borges, who was he? Very true, C.S. Lewis and JP2 are appreciated by just about all people in all walks of life. Though I do love the Princess Bride, I must say that I wasn’t a big fan of Monty Python (if you’re talking about the movie, I’ve been told it’s a TV Show too). God bless!

  • Nathaniel Gotcher

    Ah, another Lewi-chester-tolk-ian. Welcome to the club.

    In a way of introduction, my name is Nathaniel (or just Nate, but not Nathan…) Gotcher, fourth year architecture student at Notre Dame, philosopher and musician on the side. Lewis, especially has been a huge inspiration to me.

    Anyway, welcome to IgnitumToday. It’ll be a fun ride.

  • Ink and Quill

    Jorge Luis Borges single-handedly translated a LOT of Chesterton’s work into Spanish. He was also a really good writer and did a lot of short stories (one of my personal favourites is the Library of Babel–Quill sent it to me and some day I dream of reading it in the original Spanish) as well as some poetry.

    There are three Monty Python movies and a huge collection of episodes from the TV show… so all of it, actually. I enjoyed it a lot (I have killer-bunny slippers and they are ADORABLE). But yes, Princess Bride is a classic.


    P.S. Thanks for being the first person to acknowledge two separate people on this account–most people reply to both of us, even if I sign it so you know it’s just me…

  • Abigail C. Reimel

    Yes, Nathaniel, I like the combined name: “Lewi-chester-tolk-ian”. I guess on sites like this we’re common enough to now have a “name”. 🙂 Architecture, philosopher, and musician- you must be very busy! Yes, Lewis is wonderful! The more of his works I read, the more I enjoy him. The Great Divorce is one of my favorite non-fiction works of his. Thanks for the welcome! I’m already enjoying this site immensely, and am looking forward to being a part of it in the years to come!

    Ink, Jorge Luis Borges sounds amazing! I’ll have to look him up; I’ve been in a “short-story” phase lately, mainly reading O. Henry and Hawthorne (I enjoy Hawthorne’s short stories much more than I enjoyed The Scarlet Letter). Wow, there are a lot more “Monty Python” films and episodes than I realized (how ironic: cute killer-bunny slippers). You’re welcome! I figure if you’re the one I’m talking to it makes more sense to address you as “you” instead of “we”, though I would be happy to address both of you if Quill decides to comment also! Thanks!

  • Ink and Quill

    Abigail, welcome! Your introductory post was a delightful read, and it’s always a pleasure to meet a fellow Lewichestertolkian. Now that I’m done with that paper on Newman (and with finals generally), I can actually tell you so! I was deeply impressed by your attribution of your excellence to God– when I first read it I was struck by how much it read like something St. Augustine wrote somewhere (De vera religione, maybe, though I can’t remember). To paraphrase: “If there is anything in these words that rings true, know it comes from God; and if there is anything in these words that is wrong, it comes from me.”

    At any rate, as another young Catholic who’s pledged himself as you have to fight the same good fight under the same Good Lord, let me say it’s great to meet you!

    I can vouch for Borges, too– probably one of the most important Spanish writers (if not -the- most important) since Cervantes. He makes for a pleasant, thoughtful read, if at times far from Catholic.

    St. Thomas Aquinas, patron of students, ora pro nobis!


  • JQ Tomanek

    Who is Tolkien, Lewis, and Chesterton? I kid.

    “Speak, friend, and enter.” Welcome to the gang. I look forward to reading.

  • Pietra

    You had me at the LOTR reference. And (if possible) it just kept getting better from there. Obsessed with Tolkien, Chesteron, and Lewis? Oldest of four (okay technically I’m the oldest of five)? Spiritual warfare? Striving to use the gift of creativity to harness the power of words? St. Jean d’Arc, ora pro nobis? And to top it all off, Aragorn up in the corner?

    I think we may be long-lost sisters…

    Elen sila lumenn, mellon! Very well-written. This makes me excited for our generation! I really need to make a point of visiting Ignitum Today more often. 😀

    – Annie Pietra, aka Aneowyn

  • Abigail C. Reimel

    Quill, it’s wonderful to hear from you! Thank you, I am happy you enjoyed it. I’m happy you’re finished; that paper sounded like quite the project (according to Ink). Wow, I had no idea that St. Augustine said something along those lines, but as I said in my post: “I’ve discovered that many of the ideas I try to write about have already been elaborated upon by people […] in a much more beautiful and eloquent way than I ever would have managed.” I’ll have to look up that quote. It’s wonderful to meet another Lewichestertolkian who’s fighting the good fight with me! I will make sure I read some of his works then- thank you for letting me know that he is not a “spiritually correct” author. Thanks again Quill, I look forward to my time within this community!

    JQ Tomanek, thanks for the welcome! I look forward to writing!

    Yes, Pietra, we may be long-lost sisters! How exciting! Thank you; I find that our generation is actually rising in an amazing way, we’re very pro-life and we seem to enjoy the more traditional ways of practicing Catholicism (ex: most young women who become nuns choose to enter convents where the women wear habits). Yes, I hope you will visit this site more often! You’ll find there’s many people like us, who appreciate a LOTR reference and enjoy using the creativity God gave them to write wonderful things. I’m so happy you stopped by, it was great to “meet” you!

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