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Dignitas Magazine: For All Catholic Women and the Men who Love Them

April 8, AD 2012 4 Comments

Happy Easter Everyone! Just wanted to share my cousin’s online magazine. First issue was released today! Check them out! (That’s three exclamation point’s in four sentences, by the way. Expect a corresponding level of awesomeness.)


About the Author:

Ryan Kraeger is a cradle Catholic homeschool graduate, who has served in the Army as a Combat Engineer and as a Special Forces Medical Sergeant. He now lives with his wife Kathleen and daughter Evelyn near Tacoma, WA and plans on going to school to become a Physician’s Assistant. He enjoys reading, thinking, and conversation, the making and eating of gourmet pizza, shooting and martial arts, and the occasional dark beer. His website is The Man Who Would Be Knight.

  • dineen muniz

    Interested in the free online subscription. Thank you!

  • SWP

    I’ll share this with my wife.

  • SWP

    I’m having technical difficulties. It doesn’t go past page 11, and I can’t email it. It also took me to issuu, which didn’t allow me to email unless I logged in. I don’t need one more thing with a login/password to remember. Can you make it easier to access?

  • SWP-

    I’m sorry you weren’t able to view the whole magazine. I’ll look into the problems you were having. Were you viewing it on our website? What exactly did you try to email?

    God bless,
    Catherine Pelicano