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2012 For Us! How About For Others?

January 2, AD 2012 0 Comments

So what’s new for us this 2012? We probably have made a lot of resolutions and stuff like that! We may be thanking God for another year He has given to us—for having us survive that grueling year which was 2011. We feel blessed for having that year pass by us—and some of us are probably waiting for the apocalypse to come! Just kidding.

Some of our brothers in sisters here in the Philippines may not perhaps feel as blessed as we are.

I thought I’d take advantage of this opportunity to inform. You may have heard the news about a typhoon which hit the areas of Iligan, Negros Oriental and Cagayan de Oro. Sure, this may not be new to a country in the Pacific but it (the typhoon) has been the worst one which has hit the area since. Lives have been lost due to the flood caused by the heavy downpour of rain. As I’m writing here in a very sunny part in the country, I cannot possibly begin to explain what is going on down there.

I have friends in college who live there and have gone home for the Christmas vacation. The situation is distressing, they say. It concerns even those who are indifferent—I myself could only wish that I was there to volunteer.


Luckily, if you want to, you may send donations even if you’re outside the country through the Philippine Red Cross here, via PayPal.

If you aren’t able to send donations, then prayers would be enough. The Holy Father—God bless him—has since turned his attention on this situation and is offering prayers. Let us also do the same for the victims’ spiritual and physical healing.

At the start of this New Year, let’s give these people a new hope for a better future, and let us be reminded of God’s countless blessings and how we are to share them with the least of us. Benedicamus Domino!

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