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How should people of faith respond to tragedy?

September 16, AD 2011 2 Comments

(Naples, FL)  On September 12, 2011 I sat down with Father Michael Orsi, the Chaplin of Ave Maria School of Law, to ask one question.  “How should we, as people of deal respond to tragedy?”

This interview was conducted after a 9/11 memorial mass at Ave Maria School of Law.

About the Author:

Royce Hood is involved in multiple Catholic and Pro-Life apostolates. He currently works with Immaculata Law Firm in Chicago. The law firm specializes in creative financing solutions for Catholic non-profits. Royce is the founder of & co-director of He is also the founder of the Law of Life Summit and a board member with the March for Life Foundation. Royce graduated from Ave Maria School of Law in May of 2012.
  • Fr. Orsi was the person that inspired me to “try and become a saint.” He said this on my first day of law school orientation. He really is a smart priest and has a lot of great insight to the faith. He is also a very orthodox priest, and I learned much about my Liturgical “presence” as a Catholic from him and his priestly ministry. I remember specifically an instance when I came to him asking about social and political statements made by a priest. He quickly explained the proper way to look at Distributive Justice and to assure me that I wasn’t a heretic for thinking that what I heard seemed off.

    Unfortunately, He and I were on opposite sides of the decision of the law school’s move to Florida, and so I didn’t get to benefit from a close personal relationship with him. (Through my own fault). That being said, I am glad to see others benefitting from his knowledge and his perspective on the Catholic faith.

    Thanks Royce for this video and I look for more to come!

  • Dear Joseph,

    Father Orsi has been truly inspirational in my life! Thank you very much for your work and for your comment!

    In Christ,