Erin Cain

Remain in Me

Before meeting Jesus on the road to Damascus, Paul was “breathing murderous threats against the disciples of the Lord,” and yet today we remember him

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Married Life
Nathalie Fernandez

The Sanctifying Cross of Marriage

Mark 10:1-12 In this Gospel passage, Jesus talks about Divorce. Growing up I never thought much about the sacredness of married life. My family was

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Oliver Llewellyn

God, The Father of Mercies

Have you ever had that experience of walking away from the Sacrament of Reconciliation with an almost overwhelming sense of guilt? A sense of, “Do

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Emma King

Do Not Fear Gay Marriage

Gay “marriage” will threaten, snarl, huff and puff, but we should not fear. For, upon this rock Christ built His Church. It will not fall simply because evil huffs and puffs a little louder.

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Shaun McAfee

A Biblical Look at Confession

A friend of mind had just learned of my decision to join the Catholic faith. He was nice about it, that is, he didn’t give me

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