Cristina Montes

The Crucifix as a Passive Symbol

While doing some research recently, I came across reference to the crucifix as a “passive symbol” by the Grand Chamber of the European Court of

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Emma King

America: Individually Set Apart for Holiness

Rather than view the American emphasis on individuals as a prideful perspective that promotes hubris, I believe the American emphasis on the individual is not only compatible with our faith, but is incredibly Catholic….Why? Because, when we stop and look at it, we must agree that God is all about the individual.

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Free to Exercise

There Peter was, chained, with two guards on either side of him. More guards were standing watch outside the gate. His crime? He was a

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Nicene Guy

Freedom and Fort Nights

During this fortnight for freedom, it is worth reflecting on some words of wisdom by Blessed Pope John Paul the Great: “Freedom consists not in

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Royce Hood

Walls, Pain, Filth

Asia Bibi’s cell is like a tomb, deprived of sunlight. She can see ‘no more than the prison bars, the wet ground and the walls

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Sr. Lisa Marie

For Greater Glory: A Lesson

The story of the Cristiada – or Cristero War – was released today in the United States under the film title, “For Greater Glory“. It

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