Jonah and the Whale
Guest Writer

Boldness and Passion

Guest post by Shane Dwyer, Director of the Catholic Enquiry Centre, Australia. These days I am not always as bold and passionate about my faith

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Nicholas Lye

Skipping Daily Mass

“Let me ask you one question: was it because you practiced the Law that you received the Spirit, or because you believed what was preached

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Kat Larson

The World Cup

I found myself on yet another Pilgrimage. This marked the fifth Pilgrimage I have had the privilege to take. This time my destination was France,

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Nathalie Fernandez

Hidden faith will turn into ruins

Jeremiah 13:1-11 In this reading, God instructed Jeremiah to hide the loincloth in a hole in the rock, and some time later Jeremiah was instructed

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Bob Waruszewski

How Do I Serve the Church?

As the summer starts to wind down, I have begun to notice that there are a lot of goodbye parties on my calendar.  One is

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