Guest Writer

The Radical Ideal of Marriage

Guest post by Mark & Ursula (Tink) Boyd, Chaircouple, Australian Catholic Marriage & Family Council. Jesus knows that we live in a fallen world and

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Noel Ethan Tan

Christian Discipleship

How do we become a Disciple of Christ? This is one of the greatest questions to ask. Firstly, the etymology of the word ‘Disciple’ referred

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Nicholas Lye

Sell Everything

I began my discernment journey 11 years ago with these two words that kept coming up in prayer, but I wasn’t sure what it really

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Jason Theobald

Exulting in Monotony

For those of us in the cold-weather states, and even for many of you in the traditionally warm-weather areas of the United States, this winter

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Nic Davidson

Pope Paul VI’s Playlist

In an attempt to stay plugged in to American culture while I live overseas for 16 months, I have regularly acquainted myself with the Billboard

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