Cristina Montes

The Crucifix as a Passive Symbol

While doing some research recently, I came across reference to the crucifix as a “passive symbol” by the Grand Chamber of the European Court of

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Edmund Dulac - Cinderella
Jean Elizabeth Seah

Formation in Faery

Imagination is twofold, retentive (reproductive) and creative (productive). The object of the first is a sensible reality, which we have previously perceived as such. The

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Catholic Education
Nicene Guy

Curiosity, Wonder, and Wisdom

In a short but provocative reflection, Prof. J. Budziszewski calls curiosity the enemy of wonder. In so doing, he is drawing a distinction between the

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Catholic Education
Anna Williams

Faithful learning

When older sister and I were finishing up middle school, my parents decided that the local public high school (in a very liberal town) nearby

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Election Season and YOU

” If only we had another Ronald Reagan. ” The words floated out of my friends mouth and hung in mid-air. It is a tendency

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Catholic Education
Allie Terrell

Studying Lies

With all of the hobbies to pick from, I choose to spend my free time studying lies. Everything from why Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t celebrate holidays

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Anna Williams

Education = Virtue?

“The more money we spend on schools today, the less we’ll have to spend on missiles tomorrow.” New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote that

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