Kat Larson

The Prodigal Daughter

There is one girl I work with whom I believe Mary has a special plan for. She was born on the Feast of the Assumption

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Kat Larson


Today I witnessed a true and undeniable miracle. A few blogs back I wrote about my experience while waiting to enter the baths in Lourdes,

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J.J. Tissot, "Zacchaeus in the Sycamore Awaiting the Passage of Jesus"
Jean Elizabeth Seah

Listen and Ask Before You Give

Lawyers are taught to listen carefully to what our clients say and to ask questions, because a client might think that one issue presents the

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Health & Fitness
Guest Writer

Prison Societies

By guest writer Steve Kellmeyer. It is usually said that Western democracies are the most free societies on earth. But is that true? This video

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Theresa Williams

Lessons from a Lent Past

Being in the thick of Lent, I’ve been reflecting on Lents past and how differently I approach Lent now. Lent the year I was sixteen

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