Health & Fitness
Elizabeth Hillgrove

Happy Birthday, Mary!

As it turns out, Mary is one of my favorite writing topics. I have always been fascinated by her, for obvious reasons. Suspend reality for

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God Needs You!

Last month, my boyfriend’s grandfather died. The beauty of our Catholic faith never felt more exposed to me than with the passing of another believing

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A Pilgrimage, Not A Vacation

The following days were a blur of sessions at the Love and Life Centre, Morning Prayer with my group, spending time in front of the Blessed Sacrament, cheering for Pope Benedict, participating in Mass, and making friends with other pilgrims in the streets. I joined in a dance circle of Spanish pilgrims, traded knickknacks with South Koreans, and brushed up on my rudimentary Italian when squished against a group from Tuscany in the Metro.

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Cafe con Leche

What a beautiful thing diversity is. What a gift it is to embrace, engage and learn from another culture! Cristina and I feel so immensely

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New Media
Marc Barnes

The Problem With Christian Rock

There is a problem with Christian Rock. It’s the problem that makes your modern post-Christian – that is to say, your average American – laugh

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Anna Williams

Back to school

For the first time in my life I am no longer a student — in the formal sense, at least. Whether you’re starting a new

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Sr. Lisa Marie

Never Without Hope

Who hasn’t experienced it in their relationships? You want to reach out to someone you love when he is struggling, so you go out of

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Sarah Babbs

Lest it Go Unspoken

It”s been a tough week. Last Sunday I had a fever and was trying to fight a cold. Last Monday my daughter, Maggie, came down

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Nathaniel Gotcher

A White Heart

Here I am at my Grandparents’ house in an Undisclosed Location. (a clue: it’s in the USA). They live in a town that’s about the

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Another Madonna and Child

Remember to spend some time in prayer with Our Lady– she loves you so much and will do whatever it takes to bring you to

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Colin Gormley

The paradox of AGAPE

“Love” is perhaps the most overloaded word in the English. We use it to describe all kinds of feeling in different relationships. Romantic love. Familial

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what we’re not saying

All over the internet people are commenting on the teachings of the Catholic Church.  We write, read, and argue about what is modest, how NFP

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New Media
Elizabeth Hillgrove

How to Cath-Tweet

Friends, we have come to a crossroad. To tweet or not to tweet? For those of you grumbling and threatening to move your cursor over

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