Sr. Lisa Marie

Fear – Not!

  Fear. It paralyzes us to immobility. We’ve all experienced it to some degree. we hear a friend saying something skewed about someone else; we

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Sarah Babbs

Blown Off the Hinges

I used to be pro-choice. I rolled my eyes with fierce contempt whenever the very active pro-life ministry at my college would have a table

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New Media
Devin Rose

Young Guns

There’s a new kind of sheriff in town…or at least a new crop of deputies. They’re young Catholics–cradle and convert–who are ushering in a new

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Nicene Guy

New Ideas and Old Mistakes

I believe that every college freshman should, upon arriving at the orientation of his campus, hear the following sentence: “Nine out of ten of what

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Single Life
Fabiola Garza

Advice to Singletons

Dear Miss. Fabi, My aunt asks me every Thanksgiving if I finally have boyfriend. I feel peeved, dismayed, bereft. What should I do? Sincerely, Single

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Nathaniel Gotcher

That’s not fair…

I think that hedonism makes sense. Beat. You see, we know that we are made for goodness and evil is just not helpful to our

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Anna Williams

The Burden of Sola Scriptura

Photo credit: Western Theological Seminary on Flickr Once upon a time, in a college classroom, a professor asked me what I believed about some arcane

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Marc Barnes

How To Kill Yourself

Imagine this: The day is beautiful, the birds are singing, and you’re standing on the edge of cliff, with every intention of hurling yourself off.

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J.R. Baldwin

Serving With Mustard

I have a tennis ball shaped bruise on the side of my thigh. In grotesque literary fashion, I see the bruise as God’s grace literally

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Brent Stubbs

Big Bro

The editors of this site asked me to write a post introducing myself. Greetings earthlings. [Full Stop] I don”t think that will quite cut it.

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Elizabeth Hillgrove

Quenching thirsts

During His travels, Jesus came to Samaria and sat by the stone wall of a simple well. He asked a woman there for a drink,

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Whatever Is Noble

I finally had the chance to sit down and watch The King’s Speech.  Way before it won all its awards I knew I would like it

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Married Life
Calah Alexander

Full Fathom Five

Those of you who are familiar with my blog know that my husband and I entered upon our journey toward a sacramental union on a

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Lost and Found

“God assigned as duty to every Man, the dignity of every Woman”- Blessed JPII I think about all that the Lord has done in my

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People are so obsessed on having our “freedom”….in fact, I remember growing up as a child of the 90’s, with the rebuttal that would settle

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