25 Days…..

In 25 days our lives will change forever. In 25 days, the past 25 years will flash before our eyes and Cristina Rivera and Andrew

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Brent Stubbs


Nothing makes me happier than being the most green person on the planet earth. That’s right. I just went there. Put it this way. My

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Fabiola Garza

Morning Poem

Let me remember the waters that cleaned me, the fire that marked me and your beautiful love that so tirelessly sought me.

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Nicene Guy

Creation and Contingency

Would it be strange if I said that one of the people who helped to strengthen my faith in God is himself an atheist [1]?

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New Media
Marc Barnes

Music In The Liturgy

(The problem with the question of music in the liturgy is that people want an easy answer. They want one Church document that entirely bans

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Jennifer Mazzara

Donning the Liturgical Apron

My thanks to the blogosphere, which takes sufficiently little notice of me to complain when this post wasn’t published on time…three.  weeks.  ago.  Hurricane Irene

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Sarah Babbs

One in Christ

One In Christ Sometimes I wonder how we got here. My husband and I. The cold, clear January day when we stood face to face

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The Child Jesus

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’]https://www.ignitumtoday.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Elaine-Golden-e1313149812584.jpg[/author_image] [author_info]Elaine Golden is seventeen and absolutely loves drawing. She focuses on religious art using pencils and charcoals, but tries many new things. You

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Sr. Lisa Marie

United in Prayer

  A letter from the Holy Father addressed to Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan is circulating around the internet, and I thought it an appropriate reflection to

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New Media

Doing the unthinkable

Last week as I made my short commute to work, I thought about doing the unthinkable – deleting my facebook account.  I re-evaluated that thought

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the thing about nfp

Of course I’m not speaking for you, or all Catholics, or even my husband, but nfp is the hardest and easiest part of my marriage, my

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Colin Gormley

About that PR thing

A lot of talk and postings that I’ve come across (here and on other sites) talk about improving the Church’s “public relations.”  That is, people

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Health & Fitness
Elizabeth Hillgrove

Happy Birthday, Mary!

As it turns out, Mary is one of my favorite writing topics. I have always been fascinated by her, for obvious reasons. Suspend reality for

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God Needs You!

Last month, my boyfriend’s grandfather died. The beauty of our Catholic faith never felt more exposed to me than with the passing of another believing

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