A Pilgrimage, Not A Vacation

The following days were a blur of sessions at the Love and Life Centre, Morning Prayer with my group, spending time in front of the Blessed Sacrament, cheering for Pope Benedict, participating in Mass, and making friends with other pilgrims in the streets. I joined in a dance circle of Spanish pilgrims, traded knickknacks with South Koreans, and brushed up on my rudimentary Italian when squished against a group from Tuscany in the Metro.

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Are you prepared?!

Sunday morning: 9am. As the saying goes – the coast is clear – literally. Although a few trees fell and branches were strewn along the

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Sr. Lisa Marie

Fear – Not!

  Fear. It paralyzes us to immobility. We’ve all experienced it to some degree. we hear a friend saying something skewed about someone else; we

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Sarah Babbs

Blown Off the Hinges

I used to be pro-choice. I rolled my eyes with fierce contempt whenever the very active pro-life ministry at my college would have a table

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Nathaniel Gotcher

That’s not fair…

I think that hedonism makes sense. Beat. You see, we know that we are made for goodness and evil is just not helpful to our

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Elizabeth Hillgrove

Quenching thirsts

During His travels, Jesus came to Samaria and sat by the stone wall of a simple well. He asked a woman there for a drink,

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People are so obsessed on having our “freedom”….in fact, I remember growing up as a child of the 90’s, with the rebuttal that would settle

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Calah Alexander

Indecision, Choreographed

  My middle child, Charlotte, is two-and-a-half. In fact, she may be the most two-and-a-half two-and-a-half year old I think I’ve ever encountered. Among her

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Nathan Kennedy

How to Save the Galaxy Without Leaving Home

Not to brag or anything, but I can make the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs. Not only that, but I have unambiguously proven my superhuman tactical genius at an elite orbital battle school, in which I obliterated an entire planet and the Formic race with a single strike. Heck, I once helped the Kwisatz Haderach of the planet Arrakis overthrow an entire empire merely by taking over the production of a spice!

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Marc Barnes

How To Be Superman

A child knows he can fly; that’s why he tries. Adults have only forgotten. The point is that man is especially able to fly. That he should fly. That a singular event that occurred in recent history makes flying something as likely as a falling.

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Trista Garttner

Cheering My Love

When I first saw footage of people greeting and listening to the Pope, one aspect struck me as odd: Why did everyone cheer for him?

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