Jean Elizabeth Seah

Seeing God

Blessed are they that have not seen, and have believed. – John 20:29 A friend of mine was disappointed when he visited Nevers. There was

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Christ Appearing to Mary Magdalen as a Gardener
Jean Elizabeth Seah

Sin, Slavery, and Identity

“Abuse (and the trauma that results from it) causes not only the anxiety of meaninglessness and the anxiety of guilt, but also the anxiety of

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Larabeth Miller

Understanding Our Dustiness

You are dust and to dust, you shall return. Each time I hear this phrase at Ash Wednesday, I think of a little prayer that

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Ryan Kraeger

The Visitor

I don’t know what to make of these Conjugal visits of ours, Whether they make things better Or worse between us. I have suffered more

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Theresa Williams

Soul-Changing Sacraments

Recently, I was able to attend the ordination of my brother-in-law to the priesthood, and there, before my eyes, his soul was eternally changed, indelibly

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Mary Proffit Kimmel

Joy in Solitude

For all eternity we will be with God, so we should accustom ourselves to his presence.  If we want to attain heaven, we must train

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Sean Connolly

The Worship of Relevance

To study any subject at depth is, in a certain way, to lose one’s innocence. Before the Copernican revolution, it was easy, indeed natural, to

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Kasia I.

Silence and the Eucharist

The chapel was still and dark as we filed in, hushed, almost on tiptoe. The first sight we registered in our dim surroundings was the

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