Jared Dale Combista

The Miracle That Happens

We go to Mass every Sunday to fulfill our obligation as Catholic, pre-denominational Christians. This may be something which has become a monotonous routine for

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Brent Stubbs

Paris Hilton and the Liturgy

In April, on my blog I wrote a post entitled, “The Mass 101: It”s Jesus and It”s Really that Simple“, where I laid down the

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Guest Writer

Feeling Clean

Guest post by Mr. Joe Sales I would like to take some time and discuss the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I remember once when I was

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Sarah Babbs

Relational Giving

There are 84 days until Christmas. Does that number fill you with dread thinking of all that has to be done? Joy at the thought

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Calah Alexander

The Power of the Priesthood

Growing up a non-Catholic in a very anti-Catholic South made for some strange opinions about Catholicism. I remember writing a poem once in junior high

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