Allie Terrell

When Is Prudence Prudent?

I once heard Father say in a homily that no saint was ever canonized for being prudent. He went on to explain that it is

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Elizabeth Hillgrove

Spontaneous Catholics

“I know Catholics aren’t exactly known for being spontaneous…” my priest said to a chorus of laughter. This morning’s Thanksgiving Day Mass took a turn

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Rachel Zamarron

Things to be Thankful For

Over the next few days the vast majority of Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving Day with a special meal and family time. It is always a

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Joe Sales

Holy Communion: My Thoughts

In writing this next post in my series on the Sacraments, I wanted to do some research on Holy Communion. I was looking at another

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Bonnie Engstrom

Learning to be Catholic

I think sometimes I take for granted all the tidbits of Catholicism that I know – and not just the facts, doctrines, and teachings but all

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Colin Gormley

Dialouge with the Known Unknown

It was late one evening and I was walking around the perimeter of campus.  I had done this often before because I would need to run

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Anna Williams

The language gap

On a visit to the National Gallery of Art in DC the other day, I ended up in the same exhibit room as two middle-aged

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