A Pilgrimage, Not A Vacation

The following days were a blur of sessions at the Love and Life Centre, Morning Prayer with my group, spending time in front of the Blessed Sacrament, cheering for Pope Benedict, participating in Mass, and making friends with other pilgrims in the streets. I joined in a dance circle of Spanish pilgrims, traded knickknacks with South Koreans, and brushed up on my rudimentary Italian when squished against a group from Tuscany in the Metro.

Never Without Hope

Who hasn’t experienced it in their relationships? You want to reach out to someone you love when he is struggling, so you go out of your way to help, only to have every attempt of assistance rebuffed. You try again…nothing. Taking Jesus’ advice (Matthew 18:15-20), you ask another who also loves the person to go …

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Another Madonna and Child

Remember to spend some time in prayer with Our Lady– she loves you so much and will do whatever it takes to bring you to her Son. God bless! [author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Elaine Golden is seventeen and absolutely loves drawing. She focuses on religious art using pencils and charcoals, but tries many new things. You can …

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Miracles Happen!

It’s not often that I recollect a real-life happening upon the great expanse of Internet. That’s the sort of thing I usually prefer to reserve for conversation. But this is a special case, for I – sinful, off-white, American, average-kid-of-little-faith and public-school graduate – experienced a miracle, and I share it with you now so that your …

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Fear – Not!

  Fear. It paralyzes us to immobility. We’ve all experienced it to some degree. we hear a friend saying something skewed about someone else; we want to correct them, but… we see a stranger who obviously could use some assistance, and we hesitate… someone we love tells us a hard truth, and we lash out …

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