Hail Mary
Noel Ethan Tan

The Visitation

Zephaniah 3:14-18, Isaiah 12:2-6, Luke 1:39-56 Today, the Church invites us to recall the visitation of our Blessed Mother (pregnant with Christ) to her cousin

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Fra Angelico
Cristina Montes

Spiritual Allies

For the past three months, the liturgical calendar has been reminding us of our spiritual allies. Towards the end of September, we commemorated the feast

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Br. John Joseph

God’s Rose-Coloured Specs

To say that someone sees through rose-coloured or rose-tinted glasses is a common idiomatic expression by which we describe someone as seeing something as being

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Thomas Clements

The Eyewitnesses of Fatima

With 2017 comes the 100th Anniversary of the Fatima event which is an extraordinary part in the Church’s rich history and so, as with most

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Mary Proffit Kimmel

Joy in Solitude

For all eternity we will be with God, so we should accustom ourselves to his presence.  If we want to attain heaven, we must train

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