Coming Out: Catholic

Christ equals Love It was just another typical night out with a good friend. I was in my early twenties and life back then seemed so

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Pre-Marital Counseling

The Feature of Florida, the Rockin’ Wave of the West Coast of the Atlantic, the Goodness of the Gulf, Arleen Spenceley asked for a guest

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Abigail C. Reimel

Why I Wear a Purity Ring

From the Roman collar to the brown scapular, the Church has developed a plethora of physical signs one can sport to testify to his faith

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Nekeisha Christopher

God’s Gift to Women

…. at least this woman. I know that statement is rarely if ever viewed positively but that is who I want my future husband to

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Single Life
J.R. Baldwin

Christ, My Wingman

The morning after my future sister’s wedding, my fiance and I attended the family brunch and were asked the question: short or long engagement? B.

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Brent Stubbs

Catholic Mangate

This post is a response to When NCB Meets NCG. I thought it would be appropriate for an actual Good Catholic Man (father of five, husband

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Single Life
Elizabeth Hillgrove

Vocation Confirmation

Last year, Sr. Lisa challenged me to examine my vocation and I did… kind of. Tony called me on my bull you-know-what, correctly so. I spent the next while asking a lot of questions I never wanted to fully explore.

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Single Life
Ryan Kraeger

When NCB meets NCG

In the last few months since I subscribed to Auntie Seraphic,* I have repeatedly seen the acronyms “NCB” and “NCG” plastered all over the single

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Single Life
Rachel Zamarron

Living Our Vocations

Life has a way of coming up and tossing you the unexpected, and I encountered a new twist in life just recently when I got

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Single Life
Julie Machado

The Loneliness of Singlehood

“You can find Calcutta all over the world, if you have eyes to see” Mother Teresa profoundly remarks in this video (at about 2:20). She explains

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Married Life
Colin Gormley

We are products of our culture

I remember sitting with my close friend “Ken” late one evening.  He was fairly depressed because he had broken up with his girlfriend (who was

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Single Life
Elizabeth Hoxie

Don’t Wait

The contributors here at Ignitum Today have been chatting a lot lately about improving our singles’ section. The idea is to give more attention, encouragement

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Devin Rose

Single Catholic Guy: Wake Up!

It’s never been a better time to be a single Catholic guy. Why? Because there are thousands of lovely, faithful young Catholic women waiting for you

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The “Other Girls”

Mommy blogs and how popular they have become, is the topic of conversation these past few days. Julie wrote a wonderful piece last week about them

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Guest Writer


Guest post by Caitlin O’Malley I just moved locations for a dream job.  I teach at a Catholic elementary school, a position I wouldn’t have

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