Chris Ricketts

Catholic “Baby Machines”

We’ve all heard the comments. If you are the parents of more than 2.5 children or come from a family of more than 2.5 siblings,

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Rachel Zamarron

Growing In Love

It happens- opposites do attract. My husband and I knew that as soon as we started dating. He is a deep thinker – thoughtful, artistic, incredibly hard working –

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Married Life
Shaun McAfee

Marriage as a Vocation

Following the continuation from What Evangelical Catholics Can Learn from Protestants… Protestants don’t typically acknowledge any of the Sacraments except for the older denominations. Though they

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Amanda Sloan

Not the Most Important Day

There is a tendency among girls and women today to think that our wedding day will be the most important day in our lives. On

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A Christmas Wish

When I was a girl, Santa Claus always came while we were at Midnight Mass. It was one of my favorite traditions. We would get

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Defining “Young Adult”

Who are considered the “young adults” in your community? Are they teenagers? Are they single twenty-somethings? Are they young professionals? Are they young mothers and

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Amanda Sloan

Denied the City

But when sex is divorced from love there is a feeling that one has been stopped at the vestibule of the castle of pleasure; that

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TJ Burdick

Liturgical Parenting

Liturgy is a lot like parenting. No. Liturgy IS parenting. Jesus Christ is the groom and His Church the bride. Together they have done a

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Matthew Higgins

Lord, Make My Kid Holy!

Children have minds of their own.  They do their own thing and love to find ways to become their own person.  This makes it difficult

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