Emma King

Joan of Arc: Model of Strength

In our glorification of Joan’s work and martyrdom, I believe it becomes a temptation to gloss over the Joan of Arc who was tried before being burned at the stake. The Joan who was taken to trial is the Joan we should – and can – aspire to be, because the Joan at trial was incredibly human.

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Chris Ricketts

The Slavery of Secular Freedom

Introduction America was an experiment whose formation defied most of the current political systems at the time of her founding. A group of former colonists

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Matthew Tyson

Bundy v The Catechism

By now, everyone has probably heard about the situation between the Bundy Ranch and the Bureau of Land Management. If you haven’t, just Google “Bundy

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Cristina Montes

Nothing Changes

By now, those who have been monitoring the events in the Philippines know that the Supreme Court upheld as constitutional the Reproductive Health Law except

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Rebecca Frech

Come Over Here and SayThat to My Face

Rape, incest, and mother’s life…oh, and abused children. Better aborted than abused. How many times have we heard these “acceptable” exceptions to an outright ban

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Matthew Olson

Minding the Monarchical Church

The Church functions within a monarchical structure – this is important to remember. In addition to this, though, Her system applies to operations in the

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Tyrannical Charity

Among the many things that Christ taught His disciples, charity is one of the principles focus groups in office buildings would label as a “core

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Colin Gormley

Is Dialogue Impossible Now?

I am taking a break this month from my video game apologia to address a real problem I’m seeing in modern discussion about anything controversial.

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Joseph Jablonski

The Tragedy in Texas

Just a few nights ago, Texas passed legislation banning abortions after twenty weeks, as well as enforcing greater health restrictions on abortion facilities. Much of

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Matthew Heinrich

The Convenience of Equality

The topic of marriage is no stranger to Americans in recent weeks. The Supreme Court, in a 5-4 split decision, ruled that DOMA (the Defense

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Tim Glemkowski

Catholics and Conspiracy Theories

The Internet is a great source for conspiracy theories. YouTube especially is rife with ominously voiced over expository segments on the Illuminati and the New

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Catholics, Marriage, and the Supreme Court

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops recently issued a letter entitled “Marriage and the Supreme Court.”  This bulletin insert, to be distributed nationwide, is nothing particularly

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