Chris Ricketts

Catholic “Baby Machines”

We’ve all heard the comments. If you are the parents of more than 2.5 children or come from a family of more than 2.5 siblings,

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Abigail C. Reimel

Open the Door…

A reflection written in the midst of my first semester of college… Flirting starts based off of an initial attraction: a girl notices a guy,

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Abortion…And The Pain in Our Society

Abortion is one of those topics that make people really, really uncomfortable.  Nothing destroys the conversation at a pleasant weekend barbeque more instantly than talk

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God Loves You: Nobody Cares

Disclaimer: This article is going to sound cynical. It might even sound anti-Christian. Please stick with it. There is a point. I am sarcastic and

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Stephanie Calis

Can A Woman Pursue A Man?

My short answer to this question is yes: I absolutely think it’s possible for a woman to pursue a man, in a real, genuine way

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Is Monogamy Unnatural?

According to a column last month on, to honor each other as man and wife for the rest of our lives is probably impossible.

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Is Childcare Good for Children?

The Australian Federal Government recently announced that it will introduce a package of new measures to provide more flexible and accessible childcare to better meet

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