Health & Fitness
Fabiola Garza

Ballet Diaries

When I was little I’d wear tutus around the house and pretend I was a famous Prima Ballerina twirling in grace and splendor. I thought

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Is Smoking Morally Wrong?

Is smoking cigarettes a moral issue? If one were to rate moral problems of the day would smoking cigarettes even end up on the list?

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Health & Fitness
Elizabeth Hillgrove

Happy Birthday, Mary!

As it turns out, Mary is one of my favorite writing topics. I have always been fascinated by her, for obvious reasons. Suspend reality for

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Health & Fitness
Jennifer Mazzara

Thrift, Justice, and the American Way

My husband, patient soul, is not a big fan of documentaries.  They’re often dull, they’re seldom short, and they’re typically liberal.  (Why is it, for

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