God as Poet

By guest writer LeighAnna Schesser. Recently, a friend wrote to me saying, “I’m skimming Jesus of Nazareth and Pope Benedict XVI mentions all the mountains

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Masterpieces are Made by Many

He who has himself for a guide has a fool for a disciple. I had a lapsed Catholic friend who expressed skepticism about our devotion

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New Media
Cristina Montes

A Plan for Studying the Bible

The chaplain of the pilgrimage I joined to the Holy Land repeatedly told our group that after the pilgrimage, we will never read the Gospels

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Lauren Meyers

Rogue One: An Advent Story

If you are a Star Wars fan, you have likely felt either excitement or apprehension when considering the release of “Rogue One”. This is uncharted

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A Christmas Carol
Thomas Clements

A Christmas Carol & Detachment

I recently attended a live performance of the Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol. The cast did an excellent job portraying the well-known tale in a new

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Holy Communion by Angelo Graf von Courten
Jean Elizabeth Seah

Better Off, Not Better

A long time ago in my college dorm room, I was showing a friend the blog Creative Minority Report. It takes its name from Pope

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hipster nativity
Jean Elizabeth Seah

The Hipster Nativity Set

As a child, one of my favorite things about Christmas was the Nativity scenes. From the teeny-tiny one on my family’s home altar to the

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Edmund Dulac - Cinderella
Jean Elizabeth Seah

Formation in Faery

Imagination is twofold, retentive (reproductive) and creative (productive). The object of the first is a sensible reality, which we have previously perceived as such. The

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