Fr. Joseph Gill

A Saint With An Emmy

 Many saints and blesseds were active in the media. St. Francis de Sales, for example, is the patron saint of writers and publishers for his

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New Media
Cristina Montes

A Plan for Studying the Bible

The chaplain of the pilgrimage I joined to the Holy Land repeatedly told our group that after the pilgrimage, we will never read the Gospels

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Julie Machado

Writers, Keep Writing

I saw a funny meme about writing, which said, “Being a good writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the internet”: Vanity of

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Luke Arredondo

Fuller House and John Paul II

Between the release of the official teaser trailer and the full-blown trailer to Fuller House, the two videos have racked up over 18 million views

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Abigail C. Reimel

Pope Francis Remakes the Vatican?

  The August 2015 edition of The National Geographic Magazine features a lengthy article on Pope Francis, written by Robert Draper after six months of

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Bernard Toutounji

My Facebook Holiday

Over the Christmas break I decided to take my real first Facebook holiday since joining the social network site back in 2007. I was sensing

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Read More Books Now

Brandon Vogt, social media guru and self-proclaimed bibliophile extraordinaire is at it again. His latest project, Read More Books Now, a multi-media package that helps busy

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New Media
Sarah Babbs

Whatever Isn't Love

I was crying again. Sitting in the semi-darkness, the only light coming from the muted TV. Rocking her, always rocking her. My little 3rd child,

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