Lauren Meyers

Rogue One: An Advent Story

If you are a Star Wars fan, you have likely felt either excitement or apprehension when considering the release of “Rogue One”. This is uncharted

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Guest Writer

Risen Movie Review: A Jerusalem X-File

Every Lent and Easter brings up movie adaptations of Jesus’ life, and this year’s new installment is Risen, produced by Sony’s Affirm Films faith-based division.

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Luke Arredondo

The Force of Mercy

About a week ago, I joined the cool kids club and got to see The Force Awakens in theaters.  It was a fantastic movie, and

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Cristina Montes

On Evangelium Vitae and Star Wars

What was said about history being philosophy teaching by example can also be said of movies. Movies can illustrate philosophy (and even theology) by showing

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Theresa Williams

Give Fairy Tales a Chance

Fairy tales (especially princesses and Santa Claus) get a lot of crap. From comments such as, “princesses teach girls that the only way to attain

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Siobhan Benitez

Truth in Fiction

Teaching always involves a curve ball. This past fall I taught “Introduction to Moral Theology and Ethics” at The Catholic University of America. For the

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Matthew Higgins

Christ the Uncommon King

One of the greatest sporting event upsets of all time arguably happened during the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York when the United

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