Siobhan Benitez

A Couch Is NOT a Promise

Not too long ago, my best friend moved in with her boyfriend. It’s a big deal: this is her third long-term, serious relationship, but the

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Siobhan Benitez

Truth in Fiction

Teaching always involves a curve ball. This past fall I taught “Introduction to Moral Theology and Ethics” at The Catholic University of America. For the

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Salvation Outside the Church

“There is no salvation outside the church” What a frightful assertion. You have probably heard it, but do you know where it comes from? This

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Three Hearts Beating as One

I read somewhere that one reason soldiers screaming as they run into battle, or football fans cheering their team at the top of their lungs

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The Ethics of Your Wedding Dress

You’re probably expecting me to say something about strapless dresses and not showing too much skin, but I’m not. Okay, I can’t resist so here’s my

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