Kat Larson

I am new to blogging but the Lord has been wanting me to write for awhile. Once I moved to New York City I decided to start a blog about my experiences in the big city. The Holy Spirit continues to inspire me to write. I hope anyone who reads my blogs finds inspiration too.



In the parable of the disobedient steward, the master entrusted his entire estate to this steward, who then squandered his master’s property. However, when the steward was confronted by his master, the steward changed his ways, going to his master’s debtors and collecting what was owed, but in a prudent fashion. When the master saw …

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Never Say Never

My life is becoming a perfect example of the classic expression “never say never.” This morning I dyed my hair BLUE!!! When I was younger I always said, “I would never dye my hair.” I loved my hair color because it had all these natural highlights, and if I dyed it I would risk losing …

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