Fools for Christ

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As the secular world celebrates April Fool’s Day, we consider that God has often asked people to be fools for Him. For example, the prophet Hosea was asked to marry a prostitute; Ezekiel was asked to bake bread on human dung; Isaiah walked around naked and barefoot for three years. St. John the Baptist was thought crazy for his clothing and diet of locusts; St. Paul called himself “a fool for Christ’s sake”.

And throughout the centuries, saints have mirrored that. St. Francis of Assisi tore off his clothing and jumped into a thornbush to preserve his chastity; St. Philip Neri shaved off half of his beard to grow in humility; St. Simeon Stylites lived on a small pillar for his entire life.

While not all of us are called to such extremes, any true Christian will be willing to do whatever it takes to follow Christ, no matter the cost. So if God asks us to give more money to the poor than we are comfortable with; perhaps to beg off an invitation to see a Broadway play that we know isn’t edifying; maybe to wear Christian clothing or listen to Christian music around people who aren’t followers of Jesus; sometimes God will ask us to speak difficult truths to those we know will reject us.

Are we willing to be “fools for Christ” — to follow Him wherever he leads, no matter how crazy?


Image: Pexels / PD-US

Fr. Joseph Gill

Fr. Joseph Gill

Fr. Joseph Gill grew up in a musical family in Frederick, MD, the oldest of five children. His father taught him piano from a young age, and his mother often sang in the church choir. He began writing songs very young, honing his skill further when he received his first guitar. After his conversion, he dedicated his life and his songwriting to the Lord []. Fr. Gill was ordained a Catholic priest in May 2013. He is currently serving at the Basilica of Saint John the Evangelist, Stamford, Connecticut. He shares his homilies at

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